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AllBio Corporation is made up of AllBio Life Co., Ltd. and AllBio Science Inc. Over the years, AllBio Science has focused developing its expertise in the areas of gene synthesis, protein expression, and customized antibodies. AllBio employs professional lab research personnel at the National Chiao Tong University and the National Chung Hsing University incubator centers to continuously develop new products. AllBio's core value has always been focused on the provision of immunology related technologies and services. Over a long period we've built a solid foundation in this area along with validations for our rapid diagnostic tests. When faced with the increasingly challenging research environment and a shortage of research experts, AllBio hopes to combine resources from clinical and academic research in order to advance the state of Taiwan's medical and health industries to the age of big data. 

AllBio's involvement at international level has resulted in a long-term partnership with the international CRO company GENEWIZ, one of the largest sequencing service providers in the US, as well as a global leader in genomics services. GENEWIZ's sister company Admera Health, which focuses on precision medicine and clinical diagnostics, manged to acquire CAP and CLIA certifications two years ago, and is also quickly becoming a leader within the clinical diagnostics space. AllBio has managed to continuously provide GENEWIZ's and Admera's newest services to the associated medical, research, and industry sectors in an effort to expand Taiwan's existing applications in NGS and precision medicine, especially in the areas of bioinformatics and supporting technologies and platforms.